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 Posted by at 8:01 pm on January 22, 2010
Jan 222010

So a while back I won a random joy prize.  My prize was a set of stitchmarkers from Lindsay of The Woolly Seashell of my choice.   I received it a little over a week or more ago and finally got some pictures of the beautiful markers!  Thank you to SofL and Lindsay for a great WofL even if I didn’t finish a lot of what I started!  Also I cast on a new lace project today.  The pattern is an exclusive Season of Lace one, this is December’s pattern Belle Nuit by Sivia Harding. The yarn is a slightly itchy knit for me so I’m going to be knitting on it slowly, the yarn is Curious Creek Meru (51% tussah silk and 49 % merino).  I’m allergic to the wool content so I won’t be able to wear it, but I couldn’t help but start this shawl with the beautiful purple yarn that came with the kit.  You can see that I used one of the markers that Lindsay made as a beginning place marker and the other markers are from one of my favourite etsy store Crimson Orchid.

Oh I also won a random wee lace prize, which was $20 worth of Fiberdancer  Designs pattern store!  Thank you again and I decided on Stars Over Diamonds Shawl and Daedalus and I can’t wait to get my gift cert so I can start knitting these gorgeous patterns.

Random Joy Prize!! Random Joy Prize Winter SofL from The Woolly Seashell YoL Dec 2009 shawl

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